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Change is on the horizon, and everyone needs to adapt to this fast-paced world. With over 20 years as an astrologer, I have helped hundreds of clients thrive amid change, through astrology, tarot, oracle readings, and Vedic sciences. Work with me and get future-ready!

Credentials: Certified Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Member of BAVA, the British Association for Vedic Astrologers, Graduate of the Komilla Academy of Vedic Sciences, Presenter at several International Conferences, Teacher at Twillow Academy, and a decade long student of Yoga Vedanta, Srinavasan, Yoga Acharya, and former Director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Chicago, IL

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Services Offered

1.5 Hour Vedic Astrology Session

In understanding who you are and who you are meant to become on a soul level, you can begin to take steps in the right direction regarding your relationships, career, family, finances, events, remedial measures, and more.

30 minute

Tarot Session

We can go over any questions regarding your relationships, finances, career, wellness, past lives, and more. I have several decks and cater them to each of your questions.

2 Hour Compatibility Session

I study both charts to identify strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. This can help to improve the quality of your connection through understanding each others' differences and appreciating your similarities.

What Clients Say

Ira Heidemann, Jikiden Reiki Therapist, MyRest Acupuncture

“I am incredibly thankful for the wonderful reading and sharing of my Vedic Astrological chart by Michelle Marie. She has a beautiful, calm, positive and compassionate energy and she is very patient and took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything very well. I learned so much! After the session, Michelle Marie provided me with a recording of the session, Oracle cards that we discussed during the session and many more links for useful related information, including an important mantra for me. Michelle Marie went above and beyond with everything she did for me. She is very passionate about her work and very experienced as an astrologer!"

Amy Zerner, Renowned Artist & Psychic

“A personal Vedic reading with Michelle Marie will reveal the unique tapestry of your mind, body, and spirit. She is accurate, generous, astute and caring, and packs your session with revelations, insights and guidance along with datelines and illuminating visuals that bring issues to light and help you to understand yourself better. I highly recommend!"

Monte Farber Astrologer, Psychic & CEO, Enchanted World Books

“ I was so impressed with Michelle's deep understanding of the stars and how that reinforced my own understanding of myself, both astrologically, intuitively and as a result of my life-long conversation with myself! Her presentation is so professional and worth having done."

Jeff Pulver, Founder of Vonage

I am grateful to be a client of Michelle Marie. Michelle is super smart, knowledgeable, and passionate with deep knowledge about Astronomy, Astrology, and the Tarot. . I was quite impressed with how she read my chart, the details she shared, and how all the information was presented. There is no doubt over time, Michelle Marie will be known worldwide for the work she does and I can already see the time when getting onto Michelle’s schedule will need to be done weeks, if not months in advance. If you are considering a session with Michelle – no need to hesitate – just go ahead and book your appointment.”


Alysha Myronuk CEO, That's Myrony Podcast

“Michelle Marie’s spiritual gifts in Tarot, Western and also Vedic Astrological Readings are literally off the chart!! I had a very deep spiritual experience back in 2015 where I was given a lot of information and the first time I talked with Michelle Marie she actually was given a message about that experience without me telling her so I knew she was someone I could trust. She then did an extensive Vedic Astrological Chart Reading on me and it was amazing how she shared the science behind this ancient wisdom. It was fascinating to learn another side of astrological reading that I had no understanding of before. Working with Michelle Marie has been incredible where she has helped and continues to help connect pieces to a puzzle I have been trying to understand for so many years. It truly has been such a gift to receive so much confirmation from my spiritual experience while also learning so much about my chart. If you want one of the most insightful readings in Tarot, Western or Vedic Astrological Reading then you definitely want to connect with Michelle Marie because she truly is the best!!”

Angelina Marzano

Founder, InclusiveHealing.com

“Michelle did an excellent job explaining the details of my Vedic Astrology Chart. It was my first detailed reading and although it seemed complicated at a glance, Michelle made it simple to absorb the many detailed insights! She gave a lot of information as well as suggestions for chanting and working with the deities that aligned with my chart! I learned a lot! I walked away with more clarity on what’s to come in the next year both in career and love as well as specific dates to pay attention to for making smart choices that will support me! I was fascinated by the way my physical health and personality was reflected in the planetary alignments. It allowed me to embrace a better approach when managing my self care! I highly recommend a reading with Michelle , she is a delightful woman with a beautiful gift in sharing her knowledge and the Vedic wisdom!“

Karen Pulver, CEO, Grateful Goddesses

“I always loved astrology. When I was eleven I found out that my sun sign was Scorpio and always read my horoscope each day. I was so excited when I met Michelle Marie on a networking platform and had her do an intense reading for me. I found out so much more about my sun sign, moon sign, Vedic astrology and how to view my past life experience to help me understand this current life in a whole new way. Michelle presents her reading in a fun and interesting way by showing comparisons to celebrities, showing graphs and charts to really help you understand what the stars have to show us. She is extremely passionate about her craft and it shows. Her kind pleasant manner is also evident as she presents the charts to you and will answer all questions and trust me, I had many. I highly recommend Michelle Marie if you are interested in a detailed, fun, informative reading to discover more about you, your signs and your life.”

Janice Liski-Skinner CEO, Be Balanced

“ I was extremely impressed with the knowledge Michelle has on Astrology. Her detailed presentation for my Western/Vedic Astrology reading was incredible and in depth. Everything she presented totally resonated with me. Michelle was spot on regarding the description of my 3 sons. I shared it with them and they too were blown away on how accurate it was. I have re-watched the PowerPoint presentation and Zoom call over and over again as I pick up something that I need to hear/learn that day. I highly recommend booking a session with Michelle at your earliest convenience if you want clarification & direction in your life. I am grateful for Michelle and look forward to having this repeated annually. The more I learn about ME, the more I grow!! Michelle gives 110% in her preparation and delivery. Thank you so much Michelle for this gift of awareness, knowledge and enlightenment."